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An app for people doing anything shooting related

Replace your shooting diary one activity at a time.

Add activities, recipes, view load test graphs, keep track of shots fired.

World of Hunt was created to replace the age-old paper-based shooting diaries that people carry around with them wherever they practice their sport. If you reload ammunition or participate in any shooting event, this app must be used. This is the only app of its kind, there are no other reloading apps that cater to reloaders.

It started out as a simple app that allows the user to capture chronograph speeds when they are doing a load test and is busy evolving to a single solution that will cater for beginner shooters to world-class shooters that compete in organised events or other shooting/hunting related activities.

The World of Hunt App

The app is divided into different sections that can all work together, or it can be used in isolation.
A user is required to register and to add at least 1 gun before he can start using the features of the app.

The main views of the app contain summary lists of the logged activities, load tests and recipes.
When selecting the applicable tab again, double tapping the tab, the user will be navigated to a comprehensive list that contains more details.

Hunting App - World of Hunt


The activities section was created to allow the user to capture all activities related to the selected gun. Before World of Hunt, people went to a shooting range, or shooting event, spent the day shooting their gun not capturing much. Beginners are most likely take a couple of pictures of their targets, where more advanced users capture as much detail as possible to refer back to that day, at a later stage, to compare conditions and settings.


1. Add activity
2. Select activity type
3. Enter amount of shots
4. Enter distance to target
5. Save
6. Add target images to the activity


1. Add activity
2. Select activity type
3. Enter amount of shots
4. Enter distance to target
5. Add notes
6. Verify / Edit weather conditions
7. Select recipe used for activity
8. Save
9. Add chronograph speeds
10. Add target images

A user can log unlimited activities, and refer back to it whenever they want to. Advanced users will capture scope settings and refer back to it in the future. Ex. When the activity conditions was sunny and windy, the notes will contain scope settings to compensate for the weather conditions.
When the advanced user participates in an event in the future where conditions are similar to the logged activity, he will refer back to that activity and use those settings as a starting point.

World of Hunt - Hunting App Download


The load tests section is aimed at intermediate users. These users are users that shoot with ammunition that they make themselves. All guns are different, so this step is compulsory to anyone who is reloading. The user will start with a recommended load based on information that he got from a reputable source. This information serves as a starting point for the load test. The main factors when doing these load tests are the speeds and the results. The app allows you to capture those speeds and view the results in the form of a graph and a summary in real time. The results can then be compared to the uploaded targets. When the user is happy with the results, he can choose one of the options to save it to a recipe that can be used going forward.

The app provides two types of tests, a charge test and a COAL test. The charge test generates a table with different charges and options to capture speeds, that will be plotted on the graph. The COAL test generates a table with different seating depths and options to capture speeds that will be plotted on the graph.

Hunting App - World of Hunt


The recipes section contains the user’s saved reloading recipes. The user can have an unlimited amount of recipes saved for the applicable gun. Recipes are saved so that the user can refer back to them when reloading new ammunition. The initial list page contains a condensed row with basic recipe information when selecting the recipe the user will be able to see all saved info relating to that recipe.

Beginner users will log the basics, where advanced users log as much information as possible. When an advanced user wants to log more detail they need to select the advanced option. The lists will display all capture information, and omit any fields that were left blank. Recipes can be shared via the platforms default sharing mechanisms.

World of Hunt - Hunting App Download


This checklist contains a default list of checklist items that the user can edit at any stage. The checklist items are specific to the user and the gun and will most likely be changed regularly.

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World of Hunt - Hunting App Download


The user has the ability to set his license expiry date to get a notification that his license is due for renewal.

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Hunting App - World of Hunt


Settings contains options to maintain your profile and other app settings.


Set you contact details and measurement preferences


Weather displays the current positions weather forecast.


Displays help screens that explains the apps functionality.

Tell a friend

Allows you to share the app to a friend.


Enables the user to send feedback or suggestions to the app owners.


Contains a list of commonly used terms and abbreviations.

Replace your shooting diary one activity at a time.

Add activities, recipes, view load test graphs, keep track of shots fired / barrel life

Hunting App - World of Hunt


Feel free to send us feedback and request new features. We will make every effort to make sure the app is glitch free and always up to date with the latest trends.

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